Ukrainian Fashion Day. ENG Version

Cosmo Lady recently hosted a remarkable fashion event, Ukrainian Fashion Day, backed by the esteemed international partner and disaster medicine expert, Dr. Rajeev  Fernando, founder of the Chiraj charity organization. This event highlighted various facets of Ukrainian culture and fashion, contributing significantly to the medical and artistic communities.

Key Highlights:

Medical Suits Presentation: Dr. Rajeev  Fernando, New York clinic,  and Chiraj Foundation leader, showcased medical suits to be donated to Ukrainian doctors. This gesture demonstrates a unique blend of fashion and philanthropy, emphasizing support for healthcare professionals in Ukraine.

Silk Painting Exhibition: The event featured an exclusive show of silk paintings by the Ukrainian brand FURSA. This exhibition showcased the intricate and beautiful art of silk painting, emphasizing traditional Ukrainian artistic techniques.

New Fashion Collections: The One Luxy Shop brand unveiled its new collection, offering a fresh and modern take on fashion.

Flower Crowns Display: PIDLIPSKA presented their modern masterpieces of flower crowns, designed for the real Ukrainian queens. These crowns are a nod to traditional Ukrainian headwear, reimagined in a contemporary fashion.

Couture Collection ‘Victory Ball’: Marina Vladi introduced her “Victory Ball” couture collection, specially crafted for special holidays. This collection reflects a blend of luxury and cultural heritage.

Philosophical Collection by Rajeev Fernando: This collection, named “Fashion unites the world,” is a fusion of Indian and European classics, reflecting the diverse heritage of Dr. Fernando.

Modern Ukrainian Embroidery: The brand “SVOE” showcased their latest collection featuring modern Ukrainian embroidery, a testament to the rich history and culture of Ukraine.

The event was further enriched by performances from Sofiya Yehorova and Filini, prominent Ukrainian artists and music volunteers. The inclusion of body plastic by oriental dance trainer Lana Tigrana added a unique artistic dimension to the event.

Professional models from the Royal Family Models agency graced the runway, showcasing the collections. The event was broadcast by bloggers and partnered with Channel 33 for television coverage, with Olga Martsynko and

Ksenia Srybna hosting the event.
Ukrainian Fashion Day stands as a symbol of cultural resilience and unity, blending fashion, art, and philanthropy to support and celebrate Ukrainian heritage