Alisa Anisimova: All about profiling. (ENG VERSION)

A profiler is engaged in order to detect, prejudge, disclose, protect, change. Its capabilities are used in forensics, politics and big business. At the time of the geopolitical redistribution of the world and the construction of a new economic system, profiling is gaining more and more demand, helping to fight new challenges.

Profiling is a unique system of psychological and diagnostic tools that is able to detect (systematically detect and maximally reveal) the entire behavioral spectrum of an object, emotional state (fluctuations and their causes and features), a slice of thinking and peculiarities of mental states of a specific personality.
Engaging a profiler makes it possible to: analyze all the structures and systems of the selected object, available and necessary for the period of inquiry to study the motives and behavioral preferences of past or subsequent actions, to detail the specifics of this person without communicating with him.
Alisa Anisimova is an expert in behavioral analysis and profiling practices. Her capabilities are purely practical system skills and an instant result right now, as work experience allows you to obtain analytical information about a person in a minimally limited time while observing a person. 22 years of experience and practice have formed a profiler-synchronist – due to observation, we have a result in just a moment. In today’s world, there is a lot of low-grade plagiarism, which is paved the way by trendy online courses promoted by bloggers, opinion “leaders”, and a variety of self-proclaimed experts. This is no exception in such a serious area as profiling.

•So, first of all, tell me who has the right to call himself a profiler? What knowledge and experience distinguish a professional profiler from a person who has completed a profiling course?
Profiling is system knowledge. You can’t just take a course or training. It is necessary to have a psychological education, clinical practice, a quick reaction sharpened on micromimic zones (I cover about 500 points on the face per second), saccade visual movement, specially synchronized with the details of human actions and movement prediction, practical work experience of more than 20 years (10 of which is a mandatory study of at least 150–200 people per day), experience in counseling individuals (at least 15 years), knowledge of physical and chemical processes, anatomy, traumatology, neonatology, forensics, main business areas (features and subtleties of business), profiling systems personalities and working with their thinking, understanding age and national characteristics, characteristics of faiths, religions, age changes, cultural heritage, studying ancient photos and things… I can go on like this until tomorrow. My work is my life. Either you devote all of yourself, or you don’t have to do anything at all.
Courses and trainings are simply information about why you should contact professionals, with what questions, and what they can do to help you. In addition, it is simply interesting and develops a person of any age and experience. And also – it is necessary to look at who is conducting these courses and why.

•How does digital profiling work and why it cannot replace a human pro and be a competitor in this profession?
Digital profiling is a system of algorithms. You need to know algorithms and design them (in both cases, have the mindset of an expert profiler and think in terms of sequence systems for perceiving algorithmic content) to tell programmers how to write software. The number of specialists in this field is limited. Their level is different. Now many people make software that works like coincidences, horoscopes, numerology, symbols. This is different. It does not give information about the intentions of the person, for example, in tomorrow’s negotiations regarding your question, it will not give you information about the reliability of the person in your personal specific project and his attitude directly to you. Therefore, digital solutions are not your support here.

•How many years did you personally study? What directions should be mastered?
If you count from the decision to become a profiler – a lifetime. It is not enough to simply study, one must practice and maintain knowledge. Now I have 22 years of practical experience in expert profiling and personology.
Of the directions, it is clearly crisis management, psychological marketing, the basics of psychiatry. Next – dermatoglyphics, dermatology, morphoscopy, dacteloscopy, neonatology, medicine (a number of areas), physics and chemistry, mimicry and micromimicry, pathological developments (various), accentuation, disorders (various), phenomenal aspects (such as “chameleon”, “twins “, “albino”, etc.), victimology – mandatory, psychology of relationships, sexology and sexopathology. List more?

•Why is it almost impossible to mislead a professional profiler?
Experience, practice, deep knowledge, observation and careful vigilance. Not only looks and facial expressions are controlled, but also the silhouette, coincidence of thinking (micromimicry of facial areas) with words, timbre, breathing, heartbeat, rhythm of conversation, voice analysis, pauses, answers, reactions, emotions, eyes, pressure, psychosomatics, presence of character traits , temperament and dynamics of its manifestation, body – mind, body – facial expressions, body – internal state, fear, envy, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses of behavior, general modus operandi (behavior characteristic of this particular person), consideration of disorders, well-being today, age, religious beliefs, tendency to deviant behavior. And all this is observed at the same time. Therefore, to do this, you need to live and love it. Because it is incredibly difficult in practice.

•We understand that each job is a separate contract, where there is secrecy, non-disclosure, so you cannot ask about developments, investigations. But it is still very interesting to find out, maybe there is a story where profiling came in handy or saved the situation?
Once a person asked for help with an incomprehensible situation at an enterprise that was working well, but the money was disappearing somewhere. A scheme was discovered: the deputy director and programmer of 1C: withdrew money for the company of an employee who resigned six months ago.
There was a situation when the mother contacted about the nervous state of the child, suicidal intentions, a profile was written with key points, which were then carefully worked out. Now this child, as far as I know, has become a psychologist and is developing a career.
Career orientation, when the profiler describes possible professions for the customer (parents about a child or a person looking for reprofiling) based on their inclinations, which will be “to their liking” and bring the maximum effect to the person.
I general, profiling provides maximum opportunities. First, we will find out who is in front of you before (!) the negotiations. Skills, the real purpose of the dialogue, the tendency to cheat, many things. Secondly, during negotiations (where the opponent’s weak and strong points are). And thirdly, what is the impression after the negotiations and the seriousness of the intentions.
Profiling is very appropriate in politics, business (security and recruitment, partnership and negotiations) and in personal growth, family problems, difficulties with friends – because in a fairly short time you get the maximum amount of information about the person you are interested in contactlessly, because profiling uses photo and video materials for analysis.
I remembered now an interesting situation that happened more than 11 years ago. On vacation, I met a woman who had a close relationship with a person of whom she was very proud. She showed me the photo – and how surprised she was when I told her that this person was copying work documents from her bedroom safe. A few days later, she appeared gratefully and said that indeed – he had been selling work data all this time and she managed to fix everything, because yesterday there were just negotiations with competitors, and that an almost accidental meeting and conversation saved her from bankruptcy. By the way, he didn’t even object. But we know that there are no accidents! There was also an interesting situation when a person did not listen, or rather did not believe, what was written in the profile about his colleague-friend. She said that “this cannot be and she knows her surroundings better.” Half a year later, this person lost his position and began to lose property because this “friend” did his best to harm the person and had already profitably and successfully taken a competing position.

Owners of large businesses and heads of government institutions turn to the profiler because profiling is a highly effective tool in building relationships, scaling and globalization of processes. In a competitive competition, it is a highly accurate weapon, in personal life it is a “magic pill”. But it should be used wisely and for good.

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